Fishing at Bighouse Lodge

The lodge sits at the mouth of the river Halladale, a well known spate salmon river.

In 2005, 726 salmon were caught on the river.


The River Halladale is a well known spate salmon river.  Along its 22 mile length there are some fifty named pools.  The river has six beats, four on the lower and two on the upper.

Bighouse Estate also has access to other rivers.  Additional fishing is available at the Borgie, the Thurso and the Forss. For more details visit

Along its 15-mile length, there are some 50 named pools.

The river has 6 beats - 2 upper and 4 lower, 3 rods fish on each beat.

Excellent instructors are available to help those wanting to learn to fish or simply to perfect their skills.



Salmon Fishing

12 January - 30 Sept

Spring Salmon

May - June

Salmon - Grilse

June - September

Summer Salmon

July - September

Salmon Fishing

May - Sept

Trout Fishing

1 April - mid-October

Ghillies/guides are available on request.

For further details on the river and for the latest fishing reports, please visit:


2010 was a record year with a total of 1318 Salmon and Grilse caught resulting in a 5 year average of 775!